Company Info

In 1987 a humble young entrepreneur with a positive attitude started a small raw leather job work unit which is now a fully loaded finished leather manufacturing company with two other branches. Our company’s chairman Mr. Shakeel Ahmed hails from a small town called Vaniyambadi situated in Vellore district which is famous for leather. Despite of immense competition we tasted early success when one of our customers where extremely content with our work and requested us to make finished leather for them in the year 1988. Our company was officially inaugurated in the year 1991, ever since we have been striving hard to meet our customers’ need and we have been successful in doing that. We have been successfully exporting our goods to various countries such as China, Italy and Germany to name a few. We specialize in making Drum-Dyed Garment, Aniline, semi-aniline, Resin and Veg.

We have always been in the forefront of adaptability and innovation, we are proud manufacturers of the finest quality of Stretched leather, which only a few can boast of. In recent years our production capacity has increased from 50,000 sq.ft p.a to 5 million sq.ft p.a, economies of scale has always been our advantage. All our machineries and equipments are of the finest quality to produce the finest leather products, we never compromise on the quality of our products which has been one of the major reasons for our survival in the top. Today we are one of the major players in the leather sector.

We have been able to achieve this because of a few simple set of values,
1. Meet the customer’s need
2. Keep our employees happy
3. Adaptability
4. Innovation and most importantly
5. Hard work. With more than 20 years of experience we have never failed to meet the demands.


• Passion & progress in leather profession is what we dedicate to our clients, directly supported & guided from our leader’s life-long experience at several divisions in the industry (raw-procurement to finishing).
• We strive to achieve & maintain sustainable growth by integrating eco-friendly methods in our manufacturing line.
• Provide fashion leather trends following recently updated legislation standards to our customers.
• Bring production flexibility & versatility to meet seasonal consumer market fluctuations.
• Co-operate in developments foreseen by designers on new leather types & color trends.
• Assure customer of our consistent leather efficiency on development, quality &on-time delivery.


To be the Preferred Reliable Global Leather Supplier providing innovative trendy leathers in regulation compliance solutions.


• Create, Implement & manage 3 P’s (People, Planet & Profit) as Core to our Business success mantra.
• Respect People, Value the Planet & Share Profit is what we practice & will continue doing.
• Impart & ensure strict following of ethical standards to promote healthy positive working atmosphere.
• Assure customer of our consistent leather efficient solution service on development, quality & delivery.
• Share our knowledge &experiences to educate colleagues for on-job learning opportunities.
• We strictly adhere to regional laws & regulations by setting & following ethical code of practice to refrain illegal activities/conducts.


❖ The year 1987 saw the beginning of this prestigious company
❖ In 1988 we began to manufacture finished leather
❖ The Company was officially inaugurated in the year 1991
❖ Started exports in the year 1993 to China
❖ In mid 1990’s exported to many other countries such as Italy
❖ Production capacity has been increased to”5 million” sq.ft. p.a
❖ Production of “Stretched” leather

Our People

Our People Mr Shakeel Ahmed Mathur – Age 50 years
(Chairman and Managing Director)

Mr Shakeel, a leather technician, and the Chairman and Managing Director of Aysha Sabeel leathers, is widely recognized for his path breaking and creative contributions to spearhead Finished Leather Industry. His excellent entrepreneurial skills have lead Aysha sabeel leathers to climb new heights year after year.

Mr Shakeel conceptualized the unique and innovative business model, leading ASL from job-work unit with a production of just 5k sq. ft. to four full-fledged finish unit with an aggregate production of 50 million sq. ft. His visionary efforts and leader lead approach, together with time-tested techniques, have enabled Aysha sabeel leathers to lead on every front and stay ahead of time.


Our People Mr Sabeel Ahmed Mathur – Age 22
(BDO- Business development officer)

Mr Sabeel a commerce graduate did his Masters in Business Administration from University of Cardiff Graduate Business School, UK. During his initial periods he gained sound knowledge and varied exposure in tanning stages and he spent considerable amount of time in each industry function in-group companies.

Mr Sabeel joined Aysha Sabeel leathers as Business development officer. And has made contribution to company’s growth in short time period, and has taken strategic initiations to take company to the new heights in years to come.


Our People Mr Shabeer Ahmed Mathur – Age 42
(Quality Control Manager)

Mr. Shabeer, a commerce graduate, joined the company as Trainee on 1st November 1991. He has 17 years of work experience in overall business management. During the initial years of his career, he spent considerable amount of time in each industry function in-group companies.

His focus after that initial period shifted strongly towards TQM and Quality Management. Lot of work has been done in various processes in the company during his initial 4-5 years here, which now act as the basic building blocks for all the growth the company has. He is a key management personnel and a key member of our company.


Our People Mr Umer Muhammad – Age 43
(Production Manager)

Mr Umer, specialized is studies in leather technologies, he joined the company as a leather technician on 1988, and He has 25 years of experience in overall leather management, during his initial stage his focus was on leather production and quality management.

His focus strongly shifted to production phase after the initial stages, he is accredited for his role in increasing the overall production capacity of the company, he manages the production unit of our company.


Our People Mr Natarajan–Age33
(Sales Manager –Global Asia)

Mr. Natarajan has strong academic background with Leather Masters degree from University of Northampton, UK & awarded Gold medal at Madras University level in Bachelors of Leather Technology, India.

10+ yrs. Experience in global leather industry providing consultation to customer specific projects & leather cost effective solutions. He has served as Customer Account Manager (for brands like Rockport, Clark's) in facilitating smooth global operations between tannery-factory & brand services.

Mr. Natarajan is highly credited for his professional work with designers in "developing leather fit for usage" & assisting factory on claim resolution for maintaining quality assurance services. He provides “Leather Branding Solution” to customer as future market awareness trends for sales promotion through brand establishment.